Valmeat processes the raw materials immediately.

In 2013 Valmeat purchased a new quality control system which ensures that the physical and chemical characteristics of its end products are uniform.

The protein, fat and dry matter contents are measured in line for each pallet produced.


The mechanically separated meat processing equipment is maintained by a specialist:

The separation heads require very precise adjustment to ensure the quality of the protein extracted.

This precision maintenance together with strict selection of the raw materials limits the calcium content of the meat.


Products are frozen immediately after packaging, less than 2 minutes after processing, continuously, by blast freezing at -35°C. The products are frozen to a core temperature of -18°C rapidly to preserve the natural properties of the protein.


The whole of the production facility is at a controlled temperature. All the temperature parameters are recorded continually and the 24/24, 7/7 alarm system raises an alert if there is any deviation.